Gaspar food and mood is an exceptional design statement with impressive lighting and furniture, interior decoration by well known scenographers and philosophy that stands out the whole day. It's an ideal place because the modern interior offers you the opportunity for a shopping break, business meeting, relaxing with friends or even romantic and party times. You love it for the trendy customers and celebrities that you meet, for the perfect combination of mediterranean and japanese cuisine, the incredible desserts by Dionisis Alertas, and also for the fancy cocktails with their devoted funs.

Gaspar Food & Mood is located at Faros, a well known spot of Neo Psihiko, and is able to transform during the day in a magic way. It can serve as a modern cafe, an ideal place for a business launch or even a lounge bar-restaurant. It motivates to stand out. The words “food and mood” define the philosophy of the place and show that one can find a place to have fun, with high standard cuisine, in a unique "New York" style atmosphere. It's about a spot that is full of active people in the morning and noon, while later in the evening is an excellent choice for a perfect dinner in a modern environment. The big tables are ideal for sharing and flirting for people of all ages. Later in the evening, on the fisrt floor (winter period), next to its very special library of the whole city, the party is live and vivid. In the summer time, trendy people of the city enjoy the very special coctails prepared with fresh fruits by the skilled bartenders of Gaspar food and mood.


Please feel free to contact us for any information or questions:

Dim. Vasileioy Av. & Lykoyrgoy
Pharos Psychikoy
Tel: +30 210 6775011-12
Fax: +30 210 6775021
e-mail: info@gaspar.gr
Opening hours 9:00-3:00

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